Muna Musik - 007

Muna Musik 007 out 06.04.2018

Tracks by:
A 001 Cinthie - Hurt Me

A 002 Luca Donzelli - Not Ordinary

AA 01 Hector Couto - Ciroco

AA 02 Christian Burkhardt - Hola

Pre-Order: decks.de
Distrbution: Word and Sound

Infos: Facebook Soundcloud


Our New Muna Musik 007 sounds like if all 4 artists were sitting on a table checking together sounds and how they can create a journey together.

Never before we had soundwise one direction of grooves with deep and surprising synths and spinning voices around the dancefloor like on this new various artist.
Cinthie´s „Hurt me“, Hector Couto´s „Ciroco“, Christian Burkhardt´s „Hola“ & Luca Donzelli´s „Not Ordinary“ are made for dancefloor lovers with a smile in their faces and enough energy to dance the whole night.