Muna Musik - 009

Muna Musik 009 out 15.02.2019

Tracks by:
A1 Anja Schneider -Enclosure

A2 Alexander Aurel - Johnnys Voice

B1 Wareika - Propaganda

B2 Micha Klang - Espeka

Pre-Order: decks.de
Distrbution: Word and Sound

Infos: Facebook Soundcloud


The Muna Musik 009 is on the way,this time with our long time Muna friend and queen of the deep techno Anja Schneider. With „Enclosure“ she brings a warm melodical & groovy techno track that shows exactly her typical style of music. Good to have her on Board!A New Face on our inprint is Alexander Aurel, The new rising star from Frankfurt played a spontanious 6 hours b2b with our resident Mathias Kaden at Tanzhaus West, and Mathias signed this unrelased tech monster „Johnnys Voice“ right away at this night for Muna Musik.

With the guys from Wareika we picked another long time friend who allready played a couple of times for our club. Produced in a freaky, deep and super well deep minded way there come their track „Propaganda“. A journey into a style of music that you will never get bored!Last but for sure not least is Micha Klang, the Master of our beloved Club Rakete in Nürnberg, who sent us a wonderful deep dub techno track that totally went inside our mind. We’re happy to got this track to complete our new various artist.